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Not Playing Is Punishable By Execution

Paranoia XP has finally been released. This is a total revamp of the classic RPG, Paranoia, which I recall as being fun to play if not totally whacked out and insane.

The even more interesting item is how Paranoia XP came into being. Check out the discussion on how Mongoose Publishing used a blog, community forums, and a Wiki to solicit ideas, discuss consequences and playtest the game. Really cool. So the question is: Is this a useful way to design and build a game? RPG only or could a card/board game work? It does allow for designers to be located in seperate places. What is the potential here? I think it could be rather large.

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12 Comments on Not Playing Is Punishable By Execution

  1. does it play even better when alcohol is involved?

  2. Sadly, using alcohol would only make the game more comprehensible and thus, less entertaining.

  3. Yay! I found the blog!

    Yes, alcohol is a must for playing Paranoia!

  4. Ah yes…I remember it well…the laughter, the foolishness, the well timed explosions of rage as a ‘serious’ gamer tried to get a handle on yet another one of their clones being executed to the laughter of their teammates…’BUT WHAT THE HELL ARE TREASON POINTS’ GM) (with an evil laugh) ‘AHA! Asking about treaon points?? More treason points!’ I still remember a guy threatening all of us with real physical violence…(wiping tears from my eyes) ah yes.. they really need to make that into some kind of online form, it would be an instant moneymaker…hell even I would plunk down some change for that and I’m so cheap I squeeze a nickel until the buffalo screams…(trust no one..heh)

  5. Who the heck threatened you with physical violence? That I don’t remember. I only ever remember trying to play with Mark as the GM….

  6. Actually it was more everyone else but me (apparently he was stoned but not stupid (evil grin))..don’t you remember john…the guy who smoked enough dope to raise the minimum wage in Jamaica..ended up working as an assistant manager at HEB..can’t think of his last name. But yes, it was Mark as the GM…isn’t he a minister now?

    And fyi, the last time I saw John, he was working as a manager at Blockbuster…

    still can’t think of his last name though

  7. John Heinz? That John?

    And you’ll never guess what Mark is doing. I know why he changed from Aerospace to Sociology, I just don’t know if he’s doing what he wanted to with that degree….

  8. Yup…that’s the john I meant… he didn’t REALLY mean to threaten me (nasty grin)..he just was a sort of space cadet…speaking of which did you hear that they found a new planet??

    and what in the world is Mark doing as a sociology professor??? not that hanging in austin as a professor at UT is such a bad gig…there are worse things to do, but I thought he was going to be a minister…ah yes. the things we saw ourselves doing as kids…


  9. Doug, it was Jeff who wanted to be a minister, not Mark. I can’t remember Jeff’s last name though – he was a pretty cool guy. Wasn’t he the one who froze goldfish in liquid nitrogen for his science fair project? That makes him a really cool guy ;).

  10. Oh and in the ‘world is small’ department, Marc Musick was Kristy’s faculty advisor before she went on to become an Asst Prof of sociology at some university in Columbus OH and get married to Marc W, my old college roommate and best man at my wedding.

  11. Oh man, I can’t see anyone taking advice from Mark. And by anyone, I mean us….

  12. Right Jeff Grahams wanted to be a minister, actually is a Lutheran Minister now..I think he’s in Nebraska..I thought Mark was following in his footsteps..which is easy to do, cause jeff has some serious big ass feet! he’s around six five, six six…..and his brother is even taller.

    was Kristy the girl you dated for a while that I remember?? the one i met when you had the apartment with the futon??

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