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NWN2 is announced

Love it or hate it – Neverwinter Nights (NWN) was a pretty good game, and some folks are now making a sequel. The news was on \. (Thats Slashdot for you non-l33t folks.) And there are a myriad of links there. Highlights from the announcement: Obsidian Entertainment is making the game (these guys are made up of a bunch of ex-Black Isle folks) with Bioware offering creative consulting. It is scheduled for release in 2006…

4 Comments on NWN2 is announced

  1. I was all excited when I saw that Obsidian Entertainment was hiring, only to find out they have no programming positions! ^&@#$%!!!

  2. And freaking BioWare is in freaking frigid Alberta, Canada!

  3. New fansite for a developing NWN2 persistant world:

  4. i just noticed, that’s not slash-dot, that’s backslash-dot!

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