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Play San Juan For Free…in Cyberspaaaace!

So I was honing my skills on the buggy VB version of San Juan tonight so that I can at least try to come close to beating Kevin when we play at lunch (and we all know that he cheats like the Dickens!). There I was, totally frustrated, because even the crappy AI in the VB version was kicking my behind; and so I went searching for another version.

Behold the Brettspielwelt server… Okay so everything is in German, but if you fumble around enough, you can register and download/install the Java-based client. You start it up, and it starts to update and patch and update and patch, then whaalaahh, it’s done. But wait, the whole thing is in GERMAN! DOH! Or as they would say, Oh, Mein Gott!

That’s until you go to this other site and download the settings files to turn your client into English then everything is now glücklich (happy) again.

All in all, it was pretty fun, the San Juan room was nearly deserted so I was only able to play with one other player, who chatted perfect English — though I think some German women were hitting on me cause chat windows kept popping up. Apparently, there are lots of other games in this Brettspielwelt-Farfignuggen portal thingamajig too…

So go try it out!!

3 Comments on Play San Juan For Free…in Cyberspaaaace!

  1. Or, alternately, you could click on the Union Jack button and, voila, everthing is in (the Queen’s) English.

  2. And just as cool, online Carcassone! Sweet! Nice find Pete!

  3. and Puerto Rico, and others…

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