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REVIEW: Celestial Matters

AUTHOR: Richard Garfinkle

REVIEW SUMMARY: Great hard sci-fi set in the universe according to the ancient greeks.


BRIEF SYNOPSIS: JP has reviewed this book on the site and did a great job summarizing it.


PROS: Excellent hard science fiction (despite the complete fiction of the science) and a very well written book. The characters are very believable and if you don’t watch out you’ll see some parallels to our own conflicts here in the world of Newtonian physics. I can’t decide if the direct influence of Greek gods here is a plus of a minus, but it certainly added to the realistic feel of the universe.

CONS: The Greek science is just a very odd choice and the physics are so different it is often hard to follow exactly what is going on.

BOTTOM LINE: Excellent science fiction for those with an open mind.

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