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REVIEW: T2: Infiltrator & T2: Rising Storm

AUTHOR: S.M. Stirling

BOOKS: T2: Infiltrator & T2: Rising Storm

REVIEW SUMMARY: Fun romp in the Terminator universe, both were an enjoyable read


BRIEF SYNOPSIS: These books pickup the Terminator story after T2. Skynet hasn’t given up yet – it raises a set of cyborg (from infancy no less) Infiltrators (I-950 series) that it sends into the past to once again attempt to terminate John Connor. John and his mom are laying low in Paraguay when the I-950 is sent back. It gets a job at the ‘down but not out’ Cyberdyne and begins to help them complete the job of building Skynet. In Paraguay, the Connors get a new neighbor who just happens to be the body image Skynet used to build the T-101’s – in other words, he is Arnold as person this time, who is also a retired counter-terrorism expert.


PROS: Both books are easy to read with great action sequences and smart dialog. The second book is better because it included some interesting Sci-Fi (all dealing with the paradox of time travel) and took some risks. The first book is fine, it just didn’t deviate much from the formula of the movie plots (I wonder if Stirling was hoping they’d make it into T3?) One aspect I liked is that the books referenced the two films quite a bit and that really brings you into the story. Stirling did his homework on this one.

CONS: Set in the Terminator universe so it isn’t all new, the first book isn’t bold enough

BOTTOM LINE: Fun reads, worth the time (and the $6 I paid for both books in hardback!)

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