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Robert Sawyer and a day in 2014

There is a interesting article on Backbone Magazine – The Strength of E-Business that talks about 2014 and how life is similar but in some ways different (in a better way). Have a look see…

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  1. /. troll!

  2. Thats “/. ogur” for your information…

  3. Since we’re talking about RJS, (who I didnt even know who it was until now), here’s an old interview where he talked about the c vs. e issue in one of his books. i’ll use the initials in case i offend some people who insisted that they were not offended.

  4. incidentally, i didnt read all of it seeing how i have AAADDS, a5ian adu1t.attention deficit disorder syndrome.

    this is bogus: i’m being filtered for being a grown-up chinese person! that’s borderline racist!

  5. Finally got around to reading this excellent article. See, this is the stuff sf fans love. Extrapolations of current technology applied to our everyday lives.

  6. OK wait – this guy isn’t thinking right. Things don’t change that much in 10 years. Let’s see where you were in 1994 as a comparison.

    Internet: Did you have broadband – no, but the internet was largely the same (more relevant data now, largely I think.)

    TV: same, although HD is more of a reality now and plasma flat-screens are at least in the realm of purchasable

    Radio: same, although satellite radio is just taking off

    Telephone: same, although there are more cell phones today, with more capabilities (not that they used much of course)

    Car: same, in fact, no changes here at all except that remote recognition systems are just about here (Mercedes & Audi.)

    House: same, maybe you have WiFi or 100BaseT now, but otherwise it isn’t much different

    Towels: same! Do I need an electric towel?

    Toothbrush: same! Do I want a microchip in my toothbrush?

    Yes computers will be faster, and I’d be willing to bet there will be one use for them that we can’t even consider today – but it won’t be super life changing as he suggests.

    His suggestions might take place over 50 years – but not 10!

  7. The time estimate may be off, but it’s still way cool.

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