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Sally Forth!!!

Not sure how well this would translate into a card game, but Army of Darkness will be released as one later this year (October is the word.) Eden Studios is publishing it as compared to our own friend Ape Games (where it truely belongs unless it sucks and then it belongs somewhere else.)

5 Comments on Sally Forth!!!

  1. Heh, that’s pretty funny. Yeah, I’m wondering if licenses aren’t the right way to go. Get that brand recognition.

    This license is particularly good for Eden Studios because there’ll be a large cross-over audience with their zombie RPG.

    So everyone think of a good license for APE Games! Maybe a Revelation Space RPG!

  2. Hmm, how about a Doom card game? I like the idea of a Revelation Space RPG, lots of really cool stuff in RS. I dunno, get those thinking caps on.

  3. I know Quake was done as a board game by Steve Jackson games. I wouldn’t do a DOOM card game, but the Revelation Space RPG sounds intriguing. I guess I will have to read the books and maybe we can come up with something.

  4. No no, a Doom card game is great. Especially since, when you use up your ammo, you have to rip up the card! See? A constant revenue stream for ammunition!

  5. …especially if the edges of the cards are razor sharp, you can use a weapon called the Paper Cutter (no, it doesn’t cut paper; it kills you by giving you thousands of little nasty paper cuts which is what I would like to do the people here.

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