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Scenes Cut From Star Wars

Not that I troll Star Wars websites or anything, but a ran across the website Star Wars Cut Scenes. It’s pretty sparse in the Episode I and II sections, but there are some golden nuggets for Episodes IV – VI for the fanboy, of which I am not.

Edit: Edited link to actually point to the frameset rather than just the goofy pic of Luke and his magic hat….

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5 Comments on Scenes Cut From Star Wars

  1. I’m thinking that caring enough about Star Wars to go to a cut scenes website automatically qualifies you for the fanboy major leagues.

  2. Not that I troll SW script books, but IIRC most of these scenes are in the old Ballantine “Art of” and other script books from the original trilogy.

    And yes, I’ll buy the DVD’s when they come out! Not that I troll DVD buying sites for the best price or anything…

  3. LOL.

  4. We’ve been hacked!

    Oh wait, no… πŸ™‚

  5. LOL again.

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