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The 5th International Conference on Science Fiction is calling for papers on history in science fiction and science fiction in history. I would love to contribute if readers will flip the bill for travel to Nice.

You gotta love a site that has the audacity to

  1. Make up a word like “uchronia”
  2. Ask the question “Can science fiction be considered as an epistemological tool allowing a better conception of History?”
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6 Comments on SF & History

  1. And by quoting that stuff, you have no doubt vastly improved your “Lix” ratings? You sly dog, you!

  2. Cha-ching!

  3. Doh! Beaten to the punch by Fred! Darn you work! Why must you interfere, why!?

  4. francesux // August 5, 2004 at 10:27 am //

    No way in freaking hell would I contribute to your travelling to the most hated place on Earth — FRANCE!!

    Besides, they don’t like us anyway:


    What are you silly nerdy Americans doing in our cowardly land, begone!


  5. Looks like some reserchers are trying to justify their positions in university.

  6. “Darn you work! Why must you interfere, why!?”

    Believe me, you’d rather have work interfering than what I’ve been going through for over a year now!

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