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SNL Scripts

An article on the recent loss of Julia Child mentioned how the younger generations know her only through Saturday Night Live and Dan Aykroyd’s French Chef skit, which they linked to. The website lists a bunch of other SNL skits like Colon Blow Cereal, Quarry Cereal, Schmitt’s Gay Beer, Consumer Probe (about the toys “Johnny Switchblade” and “Bag O’ Glass” ), Fred Garvin and Exorcist II. Oh, and since this is a science fiction blog, they have Shatner’s Get a Life skit, too.

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  1. Am i the only one to post? Bah, all im doing is looking for a script so that Mr. Deter won’t grill my ass later…i forgot the topic and im waaaaaay too lazy to look up…besides i cant type and look at the computer screen at the same time…hmmmm…ok im done

  2. Anonymous // March 21, 2006 at 11:50 am //

    i am a robot… here me roar!

  3. that is tight

  4. :O wow, yeah im loookin up a scrip to.

    that Kaitlyn one form SNL? we;re doin that for drama….

    k bye =]

  5. im lookin fer a script too fer the variety showw!!!! The Perfect Cheer?? Any body got and suggestions for a funny skit for about… 7 girls?

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