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Some Lite Breakfast Reading…

…on the fate of life in the Universe. Kevin in particular will like the Tipler Scenario since, as is well known, he “has a problem with whole Universe-expanding thing.”

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4 Comments on Some Lite Breakfast Reading…

  1. What the $@*#(& is a Closed Universe? If it’s closed, then ‘Universe’ is a bad name for it, since the universe is EVERYTHING, and if it’s closed, it means there’s SOMETHING outside the universe! Ergo my problem with the expanding universe. Not that I disbelieve the stars, etc. are moving away from each other, but but rather that the universe itself, which is infinite cannot expand.

    And if the universe itself is NOT infinite, then what is the word for the thing that contains the universe, and whatever else?

  2. Its a question of semantics really. We define the word universe so therefore its an interpretation of the word – would you feel better if we gave it a different name? How about that big dark space (BDS)?

  3. BDS works. Let’s see if we can get that widely adopted.

  4. Kevin,

    Expanding space isn’t intuitive. Perhaps the following links will help somewhat:

    Universal Expansion

    Expanding Universe

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