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Some sci-fi rap

At home, not at work, and not with your parents or children nearby, or even your spouse if he or she is easily offended by certain langauge, you should really take a moment to listen to some tracks from mc chris.

My favorite is Fett’s Vette, but the others are good too. Oh, you need to go to Listen, then choose the album ‘Life’s a Bitch and I’m her Pimp.’ You can pick the individual tracks from there. Now if only mc chris and mc hawkings would duo up and we’d have some real mad rhymes baby!

Interestingly, lots of people have remixed his songs – there have to be over a 100 of those on the site as well – amazing really, that anybody would have that much time. Oh well – I’m amazed people have time to post on blogs too, so what do I know.

mc chris is involved with Sea Lab 2021, a show I find to be extremely funny on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim. I think about it the same way I think about those episodes of Davey and Goliath I used to watch as a kid.

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