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Sony = Money Grubbing $@^!*#

And I don’t mean EverQuest or Star Wars Galaxies. I’m referring to the new Star Wars Trilogy soundtracks on CD. Sony is repackaging the original three movie soundtracks yet again. I already have the newish, two-CD sets of A New Hope and Empire, now Sony wants my money again with yet newer versions, this time with computer oriented extras. Sorry, no. Unless something seriously cool is on them, no way. Although, since I don’t have RotJ on CD, I may pony up for that one. I’m not sure about the new movies though, I don’t have the DVDs or the CDs. So take that Sony!

They’ll get it anyway when Jump to Lightspeed is released. %^*@#$

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4 Comments on Sony = Money Grubbing $@^!*#

  1. sony, they’re in cahoots with vivendi, you know…so they’re all money grubbers. fortunately, there’s always Suprnova

  2. why can’t i edit my comments?

  3. They’re also evil spy/malware distributors out to destroy your computer! For an interesting (and very technical, which is a delight for geeks like me) look on how Mark Russinovich of the SysInternals website detected Sony/BMG’s evil way! I hope the doodoo rolls down hill and they’ll sue those less-than-competent malware developers at First 4 Internet (who created the code that cause all that grief) into oblivion!

  4. Take a look at the new “Fellowship of the Ring” soundtrack (not Sony). It’s “complete”, fine, but Amazon has listed it for almost as much as TWO of the extended DVD boxed sets! Ouch!

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