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Star Wars Kid in “Burly Brawl”

Not to rehash an old post, but the latest on the Star Wars Kid front takes the art to a whole new level. Take Star Wars Kid, mix in The Matrix and add a 3D model of the Kid himself. Marinate it in bullet-time and you have Burly Brawl. This is still a work-in-progress. I can’t wait.

[Thanks to The Website at the End of the Universe for the link]

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2 Comments on Star Wars Kid in “Burly Brawl”

  1. Hilarious! And it’s not just the geekiness of it all; it’s the inherent joy of seeing the the ubiquitous fat kid being poked fun at once again!

    questions for you firefox-lovers, you know who you are — kevin, jp, et al.: why did that page ask me to install the flash plug-in when it is already installed as attested to by Internet Explorer??



      attested to


      fat kid


  2. Did you install Flash before or after installing FireFox? If before, you have your answer…

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