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ST:TOS DVD Trailer

TrekPulse has a trailer for the first season of ST:TOS on DVD. The music is really cheesy and makes it sound like a bad 70’s cop show (“Hooker’s a good cop!” Sorry, 80’s cop show flashback). Otherwise, these DVDs make my wish list.

Update: In another sign that the apocalypse is nigh, there is a web site for…..TJ Hooker! Aaaaaahhhhhhhh! But he’s a good cop. So I hear.

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11 Comments on ST:TOS DVD Trailer

  1. …like anyone ever watched TJ Hooker for Shatner…Ha! The only reason I watched it was for the super hot Heather Locklear!

    Hell, I remember thinking, “hey, isn’t that dorky old guy in that other show with the the spaceship and the funny looking pointy-ear guy…”

  2. First of all – Fred, thanks for the pic.

    Second – the background music sounds like somebody added the Starsky & Hutch background instead of Star Trek. I assume they’d be near each other in a list – like as in



  3. Uh, I’m confused, what do those two links have to do with ST:TOS or TJ Hooker? And why are you making me cutting and pasting those links, Fred? It’s 4:30AM for Pete’s sakes!

    Using the “URL” feature, you can do this:

    and this:

    BTW, that chick was hot, until I saw her from the front (in that 2nd link), even with these hungover, blurry eyes, she’s pretty ugly! Man, and that’s with shades on! And I thought everybody look good in shades, even me… Well, that was until I saw this chick…


  4. Somehow it’s my fault you’re up at 4:30 AM oogling women?


  5. Nope, it’s your fault that I had to cut-n-paste those links and that i looked at an ugly woman. You’ve evade the other question, what do they have to do with TJH or ST:TOS?

  6. I’m assuming Fred saw you post and was reminded that you are a fan of women clad in bikinis, especially Heather Lockleer (see? TJ Hooker tie-in). Oh, and holding AK-47s with MP3 players. Its all good.

    Fred, Pete is cranky at 4:30am. I’m not sure why he was even up then. I’m not sure I want to know…

  7. JP pretty much has it. I saw the TJ Hooker comment about Heather, recalled the overall theme of many postings, figured that given all the Doom postings you all might appreciate a nifty weapons mod…etc.

    As for being cranky at 4:30 AM, my usual wake up time is 4:00 AM. Try a double espresso right after you roll out of bed. By 4:30 life will look a light brighter.

  8. the danger of going to bed before midnight, for me, is the possibility of waking up at 4:10AM (it took me 20mins to write that post).

    The female in those links has nothing on Heather; not even the same league.

  9. Related to the original post (link via Fantastica Daily):

    There is news of ST:The Animated Series being available on DVD.

    David Gerrold gives a lengthy interview about his involvement with ST and Land of the Lost.

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