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The Latest from The Guardian

The Guardian has posted a special science fiction issue (thanks to Locus Online for the pointer.) Notables are:

  • NOVEL EXTRACT: The Algebraist by Iain M Banks, his first science fiction novel in four years
  • ARTICLE: The Science of Fiction by Philip Pullman , author of the fantastic fantasy, His Dark Materials. In it, Pullman posits that the lure of SF is not the S but the F.
  • Scientists name their favorite authors (repeat link, but hey, be complete, yah?)
  • The Dream Tem of Scientists collects the greatest minds from the history of SF.
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4 Comments on The Latest from The Guardian

  1. More SF in the Guardian

    A handful of great SF articles in the Guardian. Including an extract from Ian M Banks’s The Algebraist. [Via SFSignall]…

  2. I forgot The Algebraist wasn’t set in the Culture univers, but in a future Earth society. It still sound interesting and the extract only whetted the appetite (on your list John?) more. Too bad the Brits get it first. Maybe James can read it then gloat about it to us…

  3. Man it’s been too long since Banks gave us something. What the heck has he been doing?

  4. He actually wrote a non-ficiton book. I think it was about Scotch, something alcoholic at any rate. Bah, hold on, Google to the rescue

    Yup, Raw Spirit. I think its about whiskey/scotch. Something like that. I do believe his next novel will be a Culture novel though, but I still want to read this one.

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