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When You’re Strange

I chanced across the book Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell recently and added it to my wish list ’cause it sounds cool. Well, there is also a website for the book, complete with the character’s reactions to the book. There is also some extra stuff to look through. The book looks interesting, I can’t wait for John to get it in…

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4 Comments on When You’re Strange

  1. I would like to see that one as well – it looks very interesting. I guess I will have to stand in line behind JP. Hurry up and get the book John…

  2. Gimme a chance! I’m buying books that I can’t possibly read in my lifetime as fast as I can!

  3. I seem to remember Neil Gaiman saying that this book was brilliant. Susanna Clarke is married to Colin Greenland (also an awesome novelist). There is a great article in the NYT

  4. Ah ha! That’s where I saw it. On Gaimans journal page. Thanks James!

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