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Who Will Be the Next Bond?

I like Clive Owen. When I first saw him in Croupier, I thought he’d make a great James Bond. Most of the other choices are extremely lame. If they pick Hugh Grant or Heath Ledger, however, I’m out.

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  1. Meh, no one beats Connery. Although Remington Steele, err, Pierce Brosnan did a good job as Bond. I’d rate him second to Connery. Then Moore, that guy from Flash Gordon, then Lazenby, ugh, didn’t that movie just blow in more ways than one? Oh, and is kinda cool….

  2. Maybe it will be your lookable Colin Ferrel…

  3. Lookable Colin Ferrel? What does that mean? If he wasn’t lookable, could you see him at all?

  4. No offense to Clive Owen, but aren’t 20 Bond movies quite enough?

    I’d much rather see someone try to come up with a new secret-agent hero character. James Bond belongs to the past.

    (A funny thing: evil Blofeld-style supervillains exist in the REAL world, but James Bond-style agents do not. Would Bond stand a chance against an Osama bin Laden, or a Mohamar Ghadafi? I wonder…)


  5. I agree with you on there having been enough Bond films. They’re trying to turn Vin Diesel into the next secret agent with the XXX films, but I think the first film met with limited success.

    I think it’s inevitable that they’ll keep making Bond movies, and if they do, I just hope they get someone OTHER THAN Hugh Grant.

  6. I happen to like the James Bond movies and the premise – yes in the real world there are some really evil and sadistic folks out there – but I like the concept of a super spy with uber gadgets. I would hope they look at Hugh Jackman or somebody a little more like that.

  7. Bond has name recognition going for it. People know what to expect from a Bond movie, and as long as people watch them, they will make them.

    Now, for OBL to become a true evil Bond-like villain, I think he needs more than a cave in Afghanistan with a few smelly bodyguards. He needs to go to Villain Supple and get himself some nice evil genius type decoration for the cave.

  8. how bout pam anderson?

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