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9/11: We Will Never Forget!!!

It is 12AM here in Houston, Texas which makes it 1AM in New York City. At this time, three years ago, nary a soul in America could’ve imagined what would transpire no more than 7 hours later…

I can remember growing up, how I’ve visited the WTC on school field trips and on weekend excursions with my parents. I’ll never be able to share that with my children.

Even though it has been 3 years, it is still heart wrenching to see the those horrific images of September 11, 2001. I remember where I was that day — at home, I woke up to the news on MSNBC.

We have been safe for the last three years, but we can never be sure that we’ll always be safe again. That day changed us all.

Let’s all take a moment and reflect upon the memories of that tragedy so that we will never forget the people who died that day and what they died for.

May they all rest in peace…

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  1. Out of the ashes of the tragedy, comes new hope and a new beginning.

  2. Please visit our friend Fred for a first hand account of that day.

  3. It’s good to remember… But you know that John will ask that question…..again…

  4. At the risk of drawing ire, how could we forget this? I mean, yes we have to teach our children, but other than that this terrible tragedy, this attack on our nation will remain indelibly etched into our history. Nobody will forget.

    I wasn’t even alive on Dec 7 1941, but that doesn’t mean we’ve forgotten Pearl Harbor (although our friends in Japan sure wouldn’t mind if we did – it’s a source of some embarrasment in Japan, I’m told.) I also wasn’t alive on Nov 22 1963 but everybody remembers the Kennedy assassination, and that really wasn’t an attack on anybody but Kennedy (well, unless you are buds with Oliver Stone I guess.)

    This assault on America will be remembered throughout history, rest assured, so there really isn’t any need to remind me or anybody else of it.

  5. Well I will thank Scott for taking all the heat here and throw my own log on the fire… Does anybody really remember the first real invasion of America? Probably you do now since the History Channel just ran a special about the War of 1812 – in which them crazy Brits drove on over and tried to retake us upstart colonies.

    But on to my true topic – I will always remember that day for the incredible loss of life and a demonstration how frail human creation can be. But I would also like to avoid it from being the battle cry to take away freedoms or use it as a hammer to take our young folks and send them in tanks to die in some far off country that “may” have had something to do with it. I say “may” since we live in a country where folks are considered innocent until proven guilty. And the current battle where alot of young have died does not have adequate proof for my liking. Sorry to vector off topic but those are my feelings.

    I too won’t forget 9/11, nor will I forget Pearl Harbor, Normandy, Gettysburg or any event where alot of people gave the ultimate sacrifice.

  6. I will never forget turning on the radio that day and hearing the very first words, I kid you not.  The radio broadcaster said, “The World Trade Center is no more.” I  had gotten up late that day and just arrived at work and was listening to my CD player when my boss came running up (he rode in on a bike and unlocked the door for us to go in) and he said “Did you hear, did you hear???”  I exclaimed “What?!?”  And he climbed into the car and we turned on the radio.  That was the first thing I heard, and I was incredulous.

    I have since taken a very moving trip to New York City in February of 2008 that was a spiritual pilgrimage.  I was personally going through a lot of emotional stuff in 2001 already so, while the full impact wasn’t lost on me, I didn’t fully appreciate it as I should have back then.  When the 5-year anniversary rolled around, I was ripe for being impacted.  So I planned a trip, and in February of 2008 I visited Ground Zero for the first time.  It was absolutely moving.  I since came back and made a very moving fundraiser DVD commemmorating my trip as well as the impact of it all through dramatic footage collected together.  You can visit the site at  I hope you’ll consider purchasing this – 75% of the proceeds go to support the building of the 9/11 memorials in Manhattan NY, Arlington VA and Shanksville PA.

    I will never forget 9/11, our generation’s Pearl Harbor.

    I’m also writing a song for my new album, entitled “Captive.”  The song is a tribute for the 343 firefighters, and is called “Whisper.”  It’s haunting, stirring, and honoring.  I can’t wait to release it!

  7. Aha. Never noticed that you had linked to my site. The original posting has moved since then…


    I’d also recommend this poem by the late John M. Ford.

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