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A Fistful of Star Wars….Games

Bowing to pressure by certain members of the SFSignal author community, a new category has been created to help us proudly display our Star Wars fanboy status: Star Wars Univerese. This new category is for all things Star Wars. So, on to the actual content of this post. All links here are from the cool Joystiq blog, which is dedicated to video games. From there, a list of upcoming Star Wars games!

  • Republic Commando is a game in the Ghost Recon mold, where you command a squad of 3 members. It looks cool and you get to use the Star Wars weaponry. Sweet! PC and Xbox.
  • Mercenaries is a GTA-clone set in the near future, in Korea it looks like. If it truly follows GTA, then you’ll be able to do some unsavory things. A first for Lucasarts? PS/2 and Xbox.
  • Joystiq’s hands-on impressions of the upxoming Jump to Lightspeed expansion for Star Wars Galaxies. Flying around in space is cool, but does it address the ‘fun-factor’ lacking in SWG? I don’t know. PC only.
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