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A New Miniatures Game

Hasbro snuck this one past everyone apparently, but I ran across Heroscape today in the game section of Walmart. Its a boxed game consisting hexagon terrain (which snap together Lego-like to build maps) and 30 different miniature figures (non-collectible, pre-painted, and a mix of low and hight-tech). Obviously Hasbro is trying to reach out to the masses and interest more peolpe in the miniature aspects of gaming, a la MEchWarrior, Mage Knight, Warhammer etc.

It looks like they rules are such that they may appeal to a broader audience (they are simple and fast) and there is a really good review at BoardGameGeek. And at $34 at Walmart, it sure beats the $200+ for a Warhammer or Flames of War army, and, since its for 8 years and up, I just might pick this one up. Stay tuned!

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