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Another Browser War?


Will Firefox be the one to take down Internet Explorer? IE gets a bad rap for security flaws. But Mozilla has its own share of bugs.

JP and Kevin are big fans of Firefox. What do you guys think?

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5 Comments on Another Browser War?

  1. JP and Kevin are fanboys and Firefox is just a fad. I’ll buy it up soon enough…

    Why are you filtering email addresses from Microsoft?

  2. The management at SFSignal have noted your experience and are sending a trained technician to your location to assist you with your problems. Please do not be afraid – and remember it, er he is there to assist you.


    SF Management

    PS> Firefox has a lot of features going for it that make it a great browser. Furthermore the whole concept of plug-ins and skins gives you customizability and the ability to do things that IE can’t. I say try it out before passing judgement.

  3. Firefox has bugs, yes. But look at the response time to get a bug fixed–a week or less for everything I’ve seen since I started using it.

    IE has bugs. How long to get something fixed in IE? Well, first Bill has to bless it. Then Steve has to rally the troops at an “all hands” meeting. Then a committee is formed…

    Five years later you get a fix that takes care of the old security holes and opens up six new ones.

  4. Bashing IE may be fun, but you can’t ignore that it’s done more for the web than any browser since Mosaic. Microsoft has been able to drive standardization where previously there was chaos (or can’t you remember Netscape’s bizarre attempts at animated graphics, or the way it ignored the W3C standards at first?) They have given us a platform for the web as it is today. And yes, that means the way they adapt to poorly written HTML so it displays right – being perfect isn’t the point, the point is to get your information displayed and IE does a good job of getting it done in a way that works.

    However, IE has gotten stale – they haven’t added anything in the way of new features in 5 years (they just added a popup blocker, for example.) Firefox is adding some cool new things – if you’re willing to live with the need to update frequently for major bugs, then that’s great.

    Comparing IE’s security flaws to Firefox is totally unfair – because Firefox has almost only recently gained measurable usage, it isn’t the target of hackers or phishers. Instead they go after IE. It’s a victim of its success, that’s true. I suppose you could decide that avoiding the mainstream apps is a way to protect yourself – it might actually be a good approach (and I hope your running FreeBSD!)

  5. Here’s a mini-war about Firefox’s keyword ability and the hack to get IE to do the same.

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