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Arrrr Ye Slimey Bilge Rats, ‘Tis Talk Like A Pirate Day!

Sept. 19th is International Talk Like A Pirate Day. Arr, ’tis fun to jaw like a pirate! Make sure you read the Pirate Pick-up Lines. Hilarious!

And be sure to refer to your wife/female companion as ‘you saucy wench!”. Arrr!

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6 Comments on Arrrr Ye Slimey Bilge Rats, ‘Tis Talk Like A Pirate Day!

  1. I think Google needs t’ pirate translator on that site.

  2. Avast JP! Ye best me in the blog! Me matey brother and me are setting sail to our wenchily cousin’s wedding and thought it sporting to speak in our pirate-speak. Methought it be good posting to make, but ye hath bested me again!

    Capn’ Pete signing off, and may the grog flow richly…

  3. Avast ye scurvy bilge rats! Prepare to lower the foc’sle and main pillage and plunder and put big hickeys on all the fair damsels! (you’d have to have heard the song…:)

    Erik the awful….

  4. Arrrr, Doug me hearty! How was the voyage to the land o’ leprechauns and whiskey? Arrr.

  5. Arrrr! Shiver me timbers, twas a good voyage full of hearty grub (if one likes potatoes) and the refreshing beverage known by the local name of Guinness! (yum!) Me bags are chock full of swag and booty and my payments to the god MASTERCARD are rich indeed. Twas a fine trip, full of adventure and songs (well, an evening of traditional irish tunes maybe).. 🙂 a good time was had by all!

  6. I saw this, and it had pirates and robots and pulitzer winner, so i thought i would share it with you…

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