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Fable – First impressions

On Tuesday, Peter Molyneux’s newest game hit the streets. That game is Fable – it arrived after a fair amount of fanfare and hype. The major game magazines have reviews that all look stellar. I enjoy RPGs and the game looked extremely intriguing and I avoided actually reading the reviews beyond looking at the scores. So I picked the game up on Wednesday, and started playing. This will be a spoilerless impression as I only just started playing with a couple hours in.

The game has great visuals. I really like the characters and they way the are built. It feels like one of Peter’s games – if you have not played them – you probably don’t understand what I mean. The voice work seems quite good as well. I enjoy the accents and I like the way the game feels. The world feels alive as well with birds chirping and waterfalls. Many of the NPCs do move around and time does pass as you walk around. The controls do work well with one stick controlling movement and the other controlling camera. The game starts out with the pre-requisite simple tasks to learn how to move around and do basic stuff. But even here you get the opportunity to be a little evil or go all good. There are lots of little sidequests that give money or items and I like those as they round out the world you are in.

The parts I don’t like is the inability to save my progress where I am. The game plays in what feels like chapters – progress is autosaved there, but if you choose to save your game mid chapter – and then resume you start that chapter over. I hope that will not be an uncomfortable situation later on. The other part I am not liking is aiming with the bow – thats the reason I don’t play FPS games on the console. I cannot do it with them damned joysticks. Some folks may enjoy it, but I cannot get the hang of it.

Beyond that I am looking forward to playing through the game – it looks sweet and the combat is great. I have not tried casting magic yet, but I hope that experience will outweigh my archery experiences. The question will be: “Was the hype worth it?” My feeling will be yes, but again these are only first impressions.

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