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Firefly, at Night…

Since Tim has been slacking in his /. trolling, I have taken up the burden. Which is were I saw this Neverwinter Nights module for Firefly. Interesting. I may have to check it out, but I need to get the other 2 expansions first. Additionally, the author has supposedly taken these pictures from the set of the upcoming Firefly movie. Now, I need to actually get the series DVDs and watch them….

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9 Comments on Firefly, at Night…

  1. You haven’t watched the series?

    Shame! Shame!

  2. Don’t you mean a Firefly module for NWN? I was thinking it was NWN for some new platform or something (not knowing what Firefly is – it might be some obscure OS from the makers of Firefox or something ;).

    It’s a module designed for live DM + players to go through – it’s not a single-player game.

  3. didn’t we tried the whole nwn with live dm+players and we didn’t make it? just like the online sessions of midnight? or the star wars rpg that never was….

  4. I realize I am slacking – but I have been playing Splinter Cell Pandora Tommorrow which I finished and will be reviewing shortly. So JP, keep yer freakin shorts on…

  5. Hi! I’m the maker of the module (I go by Forrestwolf on Neverwinter Connections, as well as I wanted to say that you DON’T need anything but Original NWN to play it – I kept it that way on purpose (who needs the Underdark?). Also, DM’d NWN can really be fun for some people – it does take good typing skills, and a DM who can think fast. If you folks want help running such a campaign, feel free to drop by and ask for help – people like to mentor new DM’s; or I’d be glad to help (contact me there). I’ve ran a weekly D&D NWN game for a year and a half, and it felt just like tabletop (with a LOT of typing). Now, we’re running two different Firefly games each week, and it’s great!

    Glad people are interested,


  6. Forrestwolf:

    I don’t think these guys should run the NWM module until they’ve all watched the series.

    I say again: The SHAME of it alL!!!! And you claim this is an SF site!!!!


  7. Its on my NetFlix list! What else can I say?

    I don’t watch much TV, so I never say it first run. That’s my story anyway…

  8. Forrestwolf // September 14, 2004 at 1:26 pm //

    Ah, but Fred, that’s the IDEA 🙂 I’ve gotten people to buy an awful lot of Firefly DVD’s by running them through a Firefly NWN game! Muahahahaha….

  9. You are evil, EVIL!

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