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Guild Wars Pre-Order Available

I bought the pre-order for Guild Wars while at Fry’s today. Guild Wars will be a Diablo-esque non-traditional MMORPG. Quick & diry combat with no waiting an hour to get your groups together and everyone to get quests. The best thing is there’s no monthly subscription fee! No wait, the BEST thing is that by pre-ordering I get into the betas and can bring a friend.

So I ask – who’z yer buddy?!

6 Comments on Guild Wars Pre-Order Available

  1. Who’s your pal? I am!

  2. Sold!

    I forgot to mention that even though there’s not a monthly subscription fee, it sounds like the game world is dynamic and changing.

    It also sounds like new content is downloaded WHILE YOU PLAY.

    FFXI should take that hint. They’ve had an update every day this week in preparation for the expansion Chains of Promathia. One of the updates took over two hours!

  3. I think you may have to pay for the content updates. Certainly a new twist on the MMORPG subscription idea…

  4. arrggghh! bested by JP yet again!

  5. I play Guild wars. It’s completely free…no paying for the updates, for the right to play, no monthly subscriptions…just pay for the program once and that’s it

  6. Karnatil, they have had a number (two I know of, maybe a third) of expansions that all cost extra. I understand that you don’t have to purchase them, but that’s the primary vehicle for new content.

    The discussion here was more a question of the business model (note it was before the product shipped back in 2004) than being for or agains the game (I know of at least people in the discussion above who have played / are playing it.)

    I’ve since come to learn that the technology developed by ArenaNet and used in Guild Wars is a significant advantage over other online games. I’d love to learn the architecture myself (although I’m sure that’s a trade secret) because supposedly they can support these huge number of players with very little bandwidth and backend server required. This is especially true when comparing it to Everquest or World of Warcraft.

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