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Is Science Fiction Finished?

A Globe and Mail article titled Is Science Fiction Finished? talks ponders the future of SF amidst declining readership/sales and a dwindling supply of creativity. Mostly, it’s a rehash of the Popular Science article we previouly posted about: Is Science Fiction About to Go Blind?

[Link via Locus Online]

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3 Comments on Is Science Fiction Finished?

  1. “Is Science Fiction About to Go Blind?”

    See, I TOLD Science Fiction, a thousand times. I said, “Keep abusing yourself like that and you’ll go blind.” But did Science Fiction listen? Nooo…



  2. Yep, I guess it’s time to toss out all my books and take up knitting.

    Haven’t we had this “SF is about to go under” conversation about once every five years since the 1930’s?

  3. Fred, you can take up knitting, but I’m worried about John, all he has are his SF books — hundreds and hundreds still unread. This would literally kill him — the poor guy. He should’ve bet on Historic Non-fiction, that will never go out of style…

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