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Lileks on Trek

James Lileks (you do read him right?) today takes a trip down memory lane and discusses the musical cues behind the classic Trek episode, The Doomsday Machine. As always, funny and insightful. Read it, if for nothing else, the really, um, expressive header graphic. Classic.

Oh, and his piece has Nazis too. You can’t lose.

Update: Thanks to the (former) raving Star Trek fanboy, the episode name has been changed to the correct title, The Doomsday Machine. Although how a giant, void-sucking space worm can be considered a machine is beyond me. Unless its some sort of bio-machine built to drive starship captains insane, then I get it.

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3 Comments on Lileks on Trek

  1. The Doomsday MACHINE!!!

    Fred, a former Star Trek fanboy, Kiesche

  2. Ah, but do those Nazis travel through time? And what about zombies? I thought that was our third requirement?

  3. Darn, forgot about the time traveling Nazi zombies. I’ll send him a note and see if he can work that in in a later post!

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