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More Star Wars Than You Can Shake a Jawa At

Ok, lots of juicy Star Wars goodness today. First up, a couple of reviews of the DVD set:

In other Star Wars news, LucasArts announces that KOTOR II for the XBox will be available in December, two months early. This could be good or bad. The PC version is still slated for 2005.

If you’re all hopped up about the forthcoming release of the Star Wars miniatures from Wizards of the Coast, then Star Wars en Direct has an entire program dedicated to them tonight at 7PM EST. Looks like SWED is a fan-run, internet only radio show. Which is cool, from a technical point of view….

And TheForce.Net is saying the animated Clone Wars has won an Emmy of some sort. Stay tuned. Or not.

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  1. Is it time to rename this blog SWSignal? 😉

  2. For the raving fanboy, note the Digital Bits sidebar: a visual, side-by-side comparison of the changes between the original theatrical Star Wars versions (Eps IV-VI) and the DVD versions.

  3. I prefer the term ‘ravening’…

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