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Review: Splinter Cell Pandora Tommorrow


BRIEF SYNOPSIS: Its near future, and the world is in a crisis. This time, it is a guerilla leader and he managed to obtain a nasty smallpox virus. To make matters worse, he managed to get it into the US. Your job as Sam Fisher (also known as the invisible bad ass) is to figure out where it is and neutralize the threat.


So basically its a stealth shooter with a third person viewpoint (think Thief with automatic weapons). You spend alot of time wearing night vision and sneaking around avoiding detection, but the story is quite good. This is the second game in the series and not a bad second showing. You have some new moves available to your uber spy and I like these types of games. Also, this version introduces the ability to play against other humans in the form of multiplayer modes. This allows you to play a stealth game against your friends. Its a nice addition – maybe not needed but nice none the less.

PROS: Excellent visuals (even if you do look at many of them in monochrome), and some great gadgets. I like the fact that there are multiple solutions to every problem.

CONS: A bit short game wise. I finished it pretty quickly, but sometimes thats not always a bad thing.

BOTTOM LINE: I enjoyed this game quite a bit and it can be found pretty cheap for the PC – which is the only way to play it in my book. I look forward to the next sequel.

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  1. I’d also have to give it 4 stars. I didn’t review it because I didn’t finish the game – I was on the last level and got distracted by other things and haven’t gone back to it (strange for me – usually I stick with them.)

    It didn’t seem quite as good as the first one (only the first level was true to the 1st game) but it was still a blast.

    I felt like I got 15-20 hours out of it – I didn’t consider it to be as weak as Call of Duty in that regard.

    I agree about the monochrome – the game has a great graphics engine that’s pretty much unseen because of the night-vision usage.

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