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Science, Pseudoscience and Irrationalism

Here’s an interesting website. It’s Steve Dutch‘s Science, Pseudoscience and Irrationalism page. Steve is a University of Wisconsin professor of Natural and Applied Sciences. The page dips heavily into logic and reason and offers some realistic dissections of some sf movies and stories. Interesting reading.

[Link via the Why Am I Here blog]

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  1. I loved this quote about the Final Fantasy movie:

    “It?s 2065, 38 years after the earth was invaded by the mysterious Phantoms, energy beings that are largely invisible and that kill all life on contact. That means they?re coming in 2027, at which time I?ll be 80 years old and won?t care much. Sucks to be you, though.”


    For another good site that details the shortcomings of SF movies, among other things, go to Bad Astronomy.

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