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SF Hall of Shame

The now-defunct Ambit site has an interesting page…it’s the Sci-Fi Hall of Shame. Hey, any page that manages to connect Lyle Waggoner and Peter Graves is OK in my book.

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3 Comments on SF Hall of Shame

  1. “Oscar winner Robert Duvall’s 13th movie was George Lucas’s first movie, THX 1138. He starred as a bald, drugged, emotionless 25th century hominid. That part led to this horrible, bald, non-human role: guest-starring in the series, Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea, as an entity from a 20 million year-old race of beings, long-vanished from Earth. The episode is entitled ‘The Invaders.'”

    “That part led…”???? I believe that “Voyage” was cancelled and gone many years before George Lucas put Robert Duvall into THX-1138!

    Maybe the “Voyage” role led him to be cast in THX (but I doubt that).

    Amazing how many of these bad roles were for various Irwin Allen productions!

  2. Sholdn’t this be the “Hall of Lame”? Maybe we ought to start one!

  3. Good idea!

    Can we add BladeRunner as the first exhibit? 🙂

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