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SF on TV This Season

This TV season’s SF lineup looks pathetic , at least with respect to new shows.

The only non-animated show that seems even remotely interesting, if not overtly SF, is Lost. I might, might, check it out.

As for the animated shows, I’ll be looking forward to the conclusion of the Clone Wars mini-toons and, possibly, Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce, Go!, cause its got robot monkies along with the voice talents of Mark Hamill and Clancy Brown (oh, and Wil Wheaton). Of course, my brother might tune in the One Piece, except that, due to the magic of Bittorrent, he’s already watched the first 40 episodes…

The verdict: One big, gigantic, enormous ‘Meh!’.

Pathetic. Maybe the mini-series/mid-season replacements will be better, or at least have some SF, like time travelling martian nazis…

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5 Comments on SF on TV This Season

  1. You keep forgetting that for a real midseason kicker is that they must be undead too… Why do I have to remind you of these things???

  2. Well, the new talent at Enterprise have already added in time travel with Nazis. And aliens. The aliens might be Martians. If not, they can toss that in.

    And during “Sweeps Week”, the undead will join the fray.

    Who can ask for anything more?

  3. I am a bit confused, though. Stargate: Atlantis is a new show. The Ski-Fi Channel’s schedule doesn’t match the “rest of the world” (on purpose, so you see new shows when the rest of the world is in re-runs).

    It’s a new show, though. And it isn’t listed…or am I missing something.

    They also don’t discuss Battlestar: Galactica. And kind of ignore mini-series material such as Earth Sea (wasn’t the Stephen King “Hospital” thing a limited run or mini-series event?).

  4. I think, for the purposes of this article, SG:A isn’t new since its been on for awhile.

    And they will hit the mini-series and specials and such next week. I’m assuming Galactica will be considered a mid-season replacement and they will cover those also next week.

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