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Some People Hate George More Than Me

Like Bill at Leaning Toward the Dark Side, who is putting Lucas on trial.

Or Frank J. at IMAO who brings us the future changes Lucas has in mind.

Or the guys at Penny Arcade who bring us George discussing the changes.

On a lighter note, I received my DVDs today (the box is chincy, come George, spend some of your fortune and give us a decent box…) and immediately popped in Star Wars, no bloody IV, no bloody A New Hope, just Star Wars, as nature intended. Still a good movie, although some of the effects are dated. “But!”, I hear you ask, “what about the whole Han/Greedo thing?!”. Ah, good question Padawan. Actually, having seen the new version, I like the fact that Han and Greedo shot at the same time. It makes Greedo more menacing and less of a poofta. However, someone needs to take the computer away from Lucas. Because, in the new version, Han apparently has a new joint in his waist which allows him to bend, very quickly, to his right to dodge Greedo’s shot. Which he didn’t even need to do since Greedo’s bolt doesn’t come close to hitting Han, even if he didn’t move. I said it made Greedo more menacing, not more accurate. Otherwise, thumbs up, but some of the new CGI was very noticeable, but since I’m a Star Wars fanboy, I’ll give it a pass. Happy John?

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