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The Most Significant SF Films

Various blogs have picked up the BoingBoing post about author John Scalzi’s request for contributing to his book about the most significant SF films. Needless to say, it’s generated quiet a few responses. Are your favorites represented?

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2 Comments on The Most Significant SF Films

  1. Bill Walsh // August 11, 2006 at 3:12 pm //

    Forbidden Planet: Update of Shakespeare story (The Twelfth Night (?)), Monsters from the ID.

    The Black Hole: Disney production, Good special effects, enjoyable, dumb ending.

    Silent Running: Environmental message more true today than when made. Starred Bruce Dern. Space station is last refuge for endangered species.

  2. “Forbidden Planet” is based on “The Tempest”.

    See, for example, the following:



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