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The Obligatory Star Wars Post

The Star Wars post for today will cover the new PC/Xbox game, Star Wars: Battlefront. GameSpy has a PC preview and an Xbox review for your viewing pleasure. It looks decent, but it seems the multiplayer is where its at, much like Battlefield 1942. If others around here are going to get it, I may pop on over to BestBuy and get it, where it’s on sale for $43.

And an update on my DVDs, as of 11:25 am CST, they are still on a truck, no doubt stuck in traffic on I-45, somewhere between Dallas and Houston…

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3 Comments on The Obligatory Star Wars Post

  1. Maybe Lucas hijacked the truck so he could sneak even more changes in the Greedo scene. πŸ™‚

  2. So does that mean yes on one, or nuke the russians??

    sorry. Flashback.

    Does that mean most guys have battlefield 1942? Been looking to do a little mindless shooting up from home..helps relieve the stress levels, know what I mean vern? Thought I saw Star Wars for 39.99 on the compusa website this morning…

  3. scratch that…must have been a typo on their part…now’s its up to 49.99 on….my bad!

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