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This Should Have Been Around 18 Years Ago

Campus Life Comes to Second Life, from Wired, is a quick hit piece about several college professors who are using Second Life as an online classroom to teach their classes. Sounds intriguing, but how in the world can the teacher hope to hold the class’ attention when you have flying people and giant robots roaming around? The Univeristy of Texas prof, Anne Beamish, is an architectural professor and it makes a lot of sense that she would use Second Life. SL lets you build whatever the heck you want, and I can see a prof using the SL building tools to teach architectural concepts to their class. Actually, pretty cool. If this had been around when I went, instead of, say, Trek War, I might have at least taken an architecture class…

Despite what the article says, SL does not cost a monthly fee to ‘play’, if you don’t want to build. If you’re just interested in messing with your avatar and interacting with other people, then SL costs a one-time charge of $10, then free thereafter (owning land, which allows you to build, costs $10 a month). I have an account (Severian Twilight) and I may muck around in game just to see what’s new.

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  1. wow! wonder if i can build spacecraft and colonize asteroids….

  2. Build spacecraft, I believe you could. Colonize other planets? I don’t know.

    But if you do Chris, you gotta let me join your class! If for no other reason than my roommates in college were AEs!

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