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Use the shwartz!!!

Thats right everybody – our favorite parody man, Mel Brooks, is talking about making a sequel to Spaceballs. The news was sent out on a couple web sites, but I have linked the details from

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  1. I always loved the little bit at the end of the “History of the World” movie better than “Spaceballs”. I think that little 60 second bit of space battle was funnier than the whole “Spaceballs” experience.

    Now a sequel to “Galaxy Quest”, that I would pay Good Cash Money to see!

  2. I see your schwartz is as big mine…

  3. I enjoyed History of the World part 1, and I agree the whole Jews in Space bit was pretty funny. But I also enjoyed Spaceballs – the movie as a whole probably was not as funny as the bits that I remember really well. One of the best movie lines: Whats the matter Colonel Sanders? Chicken? Now thats funny…

  4. The cameo by John Hurt doing the chestburster from Alien (a singing and dancing alien no less) was a good bit as well.

  5. 2 bits I liked: the hair-bun headphones and Mawg’s line “I’m my own best friend.”

  6. Actually, his name was Barf, he’s a “Mawg” — half man, half dawg. You think John Candy will reprise his role as Barf? 😛

  7. Errrr…only if he done as a digital character. He died in 1994.

  8. Oh, how about the funny fat man, Chris Farley?

  9. Maybe John Belushi can do it. No wait…

  10. I’ll take dead, overweight actors for $800, Alex. (Or is it Alec? Bah!)

  11. I didn’t think of John Belushi, actually. I was going with Jackie Gleason next.

  12. Cloud Strife // December 2, 2005 at 6:12 am //

    I don’t think we’ll be seeing a return of Pizza the Hut either.

    A shame. I liked that guy.

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