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What’s the Best Deal on the Star Wars Trilogy DVD?

Well, we’re a little over a week away from the September 21st release of the Star Wars Trilogy on DVD. We’re all buying it, so I thought it might be a good idea to collect best prices and freebies from the release. If you’re not sure about buying it (or are in denial about being a fanboy or are innanely protesting the change from the original theatrical release), watch the DVD teaser trailer – if that doesn’t get you stoked, nothing will.

There are two things to consider when buying the DVD: The price and the freebies.


Many will only be looking at the price tag.

  • Price comparison sites DVD Price Search and MySimon show the cheapest at Deep Discount DVD ($41.88 delivered), although for the extra 11 cents, most will want to go with Amazon ($41.99 delivered).
  • WalMart online lists the DVDs at $44.88 delivered, though historically your local WalMart beats the online price. As a reference, one of our 4 local WalMarts was selling the Indiana Jones Trilogy DVDs for $35, about $10 cheaper than the other 3 WalMarts. The local WalMarts often typically offer freebies (See below).
  • Keep in mind that the big chains (at least WalMart and Target) will typically mark down a DVD’s price the first week of its release – typically $14.50 to $16 for most new single DVDs.
  • Don’t forget to troll your Sunday (Sep 19th) papers. When Episode I was released, the local Toys R Us was selling them for $10!
  • Any others? Bueller? Bueller?


The latest trend to lure buyers of big-name DVDs is to offer freebies with purchase. When I bought Monsters, Inc. at the local WalMart, for example, it came shrink-wrapped with a Monsters Pinball PC game. Some store (I do not recall which one) was packaging key chains with the Back to the Future trilogy. Here are the very few freebies I know of for the Star Wars Trilogy DVDs.

  • Best Buy has is giving away a Star Wars mockumentary DVD, R2-D2: Beneath the Dome, free with each purchase (offer good for online orders only – at $45 + shipping).
  • A few Best Buy stores will also opening be open at midnight to launch the sale of the DVD and the Star Wars: Battlefront game. There will be giveaways of the DVDs and games.

If you know of any other deals, particularly freebies, let us know!

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10 Comments on What’s the Best Deal on the Star Wars Trilogy DVD?

  1. So I’m in a quandry here. Do I choose super saver shipping to get free shipping from Amazon, or spring for the extra $3 to get standard? To make it more interesting, I have a $5 Amazon gift certificate I am using so, with standard shipping, I’m paying $39.97. If I choose to become a totally cheap bastard, I can get it for $36.95, but have to wait ’cause I’m a cheapskate. Decisions…

    BTW, having Greedo shoot at that same time as Han still sucks….

  2. Yes. That 2 seconds of film totally destroys the other 6 hours of footage.

    Get over it, fanboy!

  3. Thanks for agreeing with me, Mr. I Don’t Troll SW Web Sites!

  4. $48.98 plus 10% off for members, via Barnes and Nobles .com. Not sure about shipping, but unlike Amazon, you pay your local tax when you buy at

  5. A little Star-Wars-hating birdie named Kevin told me: “I’m going to NOT buy my trilogy at Fry’s for $36.99.”

    Translation: Fry’s Electronics is selling the DVD for $37.

  6. Yeah, the Fry’s deal is one per customer, but in my humble opinion ONE is too many to let people have.

  7. Especially since they’ve been doctored and aren’t even the real movies!

  8. Update from the flyers in today’s Houston Chronicle:

    Toys R Us – Unlisted price, but the purchase of the DVDs (or SW: Battlefront game) gets you a $10 gift card.

    Best Buy – Also an unlisted price but the purchase of the DVDs comes with and “exclusive” issue of Star Wars Insider Magazine.

    Fry’s Electronics – Clarification: In addition to one per customer, the $37 price tag is good on Tuesday only.

  9. UPDATE:

    Walmart has lowered their online price to $41.88.

    Also, Circuit City is offering a $10 gift card with the purchase of SW: Battlefront game.

  10. The Walmart near me, which I stop at some mornings to get a drink (that’s my story anyway), is selling the Trilogy for $48. They suck. Also, they didn’t have Battlefront out yet. Double suck.

    The good news: Amazon shipped my DVDs yesterday. A quick look at the tracking info shows us that UPS has been busy overnight. The DVDs left Dallas this morning on their way here. With luck, I should have them tomorrow!

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