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A Couple of Funny Shows

I know Scott the Golden Boy hates South Park, but he would have enjoyed the season premiere tonight. Where else, could he have seen members of PETA (doesn’t it stand for Psychotic Eco-Terrorist Assclowns??) get blown away by P. Diddy in a bloody construction-paper-animated slaughter-fest?

After you catch your breath from the hilarity, you’re ready to watch the funny new animated reality show Drawn Together. Aside from the lengthy girl/girl tongue-wrestling scene1, my favorite line is still “…you can cut the tension with a +6 sword…” as spoken by the resident D&D reject.

1This is the trailer, you might have fast forward a little to see the scene. Probably not work-safe.

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  1. I watched about 5 minutes of Drawn Together and came to conclusion its weak comedy attempting to capitolize on the whole reality TV thing – which I think has way outlived its usefulness. Having badly drawn cartoon characters kiss may work if your like 13, but not for me. At least South Park has some qualities that make it funny – I don’t think its for everyone, but this new one (like that crap they had on Sci-Fi) will be dead very soon.

  2. So you missed the +6 sword comment… and don’t be silly, it’s rated TV-MA — 13 yr olds shouldn’t be watching it unless their parents are totally irresponsible.

    You know Tim, you’re always so negative with my posts, you should just create an entry titled “Peter always posts inane stupid things…”, get one of your admin buddies to close it off, then always just link back to it whenever you want to comment on one of my posts — it saves a lot of typing, and you don’t really have to come up with reasons to rebut me.

    John, are the following on your list?

    – Rebut (var. Rebuttal, Rebutting, etc.)

    – Buttress

    – Butthead

    – Butter (but I hardly knew her…)

    – Beernuts

    – Wingnuts

  3. What about “peanut butter?” That’s a 3-fer!

  4. Peter,

    Again…people are free to disagree with one another’s opinions. If you don’t enjoy that, then stop posting.

    As for the whole anti-admin rants, there wouldn’t need to be any policing if there wasn’t so much in-fghting, mostly on the part of yourself. If you can’t control your outbursts, let me know and I’ll remove your rights altogether.

  5. John,

    I was merely disagreeing with Tim’s opinions — I thought he would get a kick out of the +6 sword comment. And my so-called “rant” was all done in jest before I left the house today — it highlights the fact that Tim does tend to disagree with me more often than others — I believe the technique is called “using a hyperbole,” where’s your sense of humor today? besides, why is it everything a “rant?” So I poke fun of the admins (mostly you!), can I not do that either? If y’all weren’t my friends, I wouldn’t be making fun of any of you…

    Seriously, it was done in jest (wait, was that an oxymoron?), but apparently, I’m under the threat of removal, yet again.

  6. I rebutted your post – I never attacked you. I am sorry you think I single you out, but again if anyone else posted it – I would say the same thing. You take my comments on your posts as negative, but I post my opinion just like you posted yours.

  7. i never took it as you attacking me. again, my “rant” was done only in jest — i was pretending to be upset that you were negative toward me. so basically, it was all John’s fault for instigating all this…

  8. Oh – well then I will be setting up the trebuchet to drop dead animals on him then…

  9. How, exactly, did I instigate this?

    Your first comment, before I even got involved, says “You know Tim, you’re always so negative with my posts, you should just create an entry titled ‘Peter always posts inane stupid things…'”.

    It’s bad enough to act immaturely in the first place. It?s even more so to not own up to your own faults. But it?s inexcusable to accuse others. That?s not a ?joke?. That?s a personal attack. You really know how to suck the fun out of a blog.

  10. Wow, I don’t even get a chance to respond and the post is closed (largely because it looks like John didn’t like a response – yikes!)

    Anyway, I didn’t say I hated South Park, I loved SP when it first came out – I just felt that it was hard to watch now because you only got to see 1 or 2 good episodes per season. Sounds like I should catch the first episode of the new season!

    I didn’t get to see this new thing – I haven’t had an opportunity yet so we’ll see.

    Finally, I took Pete’s comments in stride and felt he was being sarcastic – although this gets back to my previous comments about how hard this is to do on blogs and clearly, yet again, people (John at least) took this the wrong way.

    I also find John’s making fun of the so called admins humourous – although it seems that some don’t agree…

  11. John’s making fun of the so-called admins? Don’t you mean me? Thanks for reopening the thread because John didn’t want me to rebut him apparently — and thanks for understanding my sarcasm… i tried to tell John that if i put wrapped “<sarcasm></sarcasm>” around my paragraphs, then it will take away from it — but I also understand the misinterpretation from not tagging it; we’ve already explored this too far, I’ll shut up now…

  12. I am just upset since I had to dismantle my trebuchet and give the dead animals back to the zoo…

  13. Now you’ve gone and done it! I had go to look up what a “Trebuchet” is (besides the name of a font in Windows). You could’ve just said “catapult.”

  14. But a trebuchet is not just a catapult – plus seeing one in action is a sight to behold.

  15. But, but…

    Its not a catapult, its a trebuchet. Totally different.

  16. True enough, had you said “Tim, couldn’t you have called it a generic ancient projectile launcher” – I would have said of course, but then we would speculate on the mechanism and the entire humor would have been lost…

  17. The definition that i got was something to the effect of “medieval catapult use to launched heavy objects…” that sounds like a catapult; heck, it said that it IS a catapult…

  18. Pete is technically correct – anything that launches objects is a catapult. Thus, a trebuchet is a form of catapult (as is the steam-powered unit that throws F14’s off the deck of the Nimitz, but I digress) However in wargame usage the two (catapult and trebuchet) are totally different.

    The common idea of a catapult was built very early in history and requires much less engineering skill than a trebuchet.


    Although that is technically a petraria (it uses a bow to launch the arm), it’s what most people think of as a catapult. Also interesting is the mangonel which uses tensiont on a rope wound at the base of the throwing arm to launch the projectile.



    Trebuchet firing:

    A trebuchet wasn’t only hard to build (they were prone to destroying themselves during a launch) but also very hard to aim – each one had to be carefully calibrated and the slightest change in their weight meant the projectile was going off course. They were great for flinging things where accuracy wasn’t important (such as the aforementioned dead animals, flaming pitch, etc.) because of the incredible distances they could fire.

    Fascination with the trebuchet exists even now – witness which is dedicated to the art of hurling!

    PS-> And you’re right Pete, I meant I was enjoying your ribbing of the admins.

  19. I think I love you Scott… Hold me.

  20. I’m not sure what scares me more…the fact that there are technically savvy people creating web pages to ancient engines of destruction (I mean, how many people could identify what the word ‘Mangonel’ is about, much less be accurate in their definition of it)..or the fact that Scott actually knows the link, and can input it somehow into a conversation thread re: comedy tv shows, where one cartoon character sucks face with another cartoon character. (although come to think of it, who else would a cartoon character sucks face with unless you count that whole roger rabbit thing). Right…I think I need a cold adult beverage after that…damn that whole ‘you can’t drink at work thing!’.

  21. Scott may not be the font of all things medievel and siege-y, but Google certainly is! Scott, however, is the master at bridging two non-related topics into a humorous, and enlightening, whole…

  22. drawn togehther was the funnyest showwwwww in the whole wworld:-@:O:(8o|:):D:-P:-S:^)(H);-):-$|-);-):-$

  23. Gee – way to necro this post Kyle!

  24. Have you heard the latest? Those PETA freakazoids say that it’s cruel to eat sushi in the presences of live fish — get a freaking job you freaking hippies!

    Mmmmm, suuu shiiii

  25. And…PETA wants one of the recently discovered Kuiper Belt Objects to be named PETA.

    I kid you not.

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