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I finally got the SCode MT plugin to display the secirity code today. Woo-hoo!

SCode uses a Captcha scheme – a mechanism where human intervention is required to decode a computer-unreadable string of text. Our problem with the plugin implementation up to this point: It turns out we were stumbling over some carriage returns that windows text editors conveniently insert into text files. (Textpad to the rescue!)

Unfortunately, the backend code that checks the code seems to be failing. D’oh! Probbaly someting inane. I’ll work on it another day. Until then, enjoy the pretty string of useless characters!

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6 Comments on Blog Spam Update

  1. How did you figure out the carriage return thing?

  2. By accident…trolling the web (we had the comments wrong as well, btw)

  3. Just a little tidbit of information, I have been seeing that with of the codes they spill off the box that is being used. I have been able to identify all the numbers, but maybe we should widen the space.

  4. Yep. It needs some tweaking.

    Ultimately, we really just need to bite the bullet and upgrade MT.

  5. Um… I just noticed some spam and now the question is how did that happen???

  6. because the code doesn’t really work, it’s like those cameras you see at stores where it’s plastic or not connected…

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