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Enterprise Goes Digital

[via ComingSoon] This week’s Enterprise will utilize high definition digital video. At a recent preview, show stars and execs talked about the change and Brent Spiner’s guest shot. Now if we can only convince them to ditch the opening theme song.

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2 Comments on Enterprise Goes Digital

  1. Well it turned out that I was able to watch the show. The place I’m working at as a guard has a couple of TV’s, and as long as everyone is gone they don’t seem to mind if I watch them.

    I was glad to see the “Temporal Cold War” finally ended. Dumbest plot thread ever and it went on way too long.

    However, there’s a hole in the resolution. Hint: What was the cause of the break in the time line? And was it resolved? Partial answer: They underestimated the damage (from my own historical readings). Oh well, I guess I’ll just say they left it open in case they ever want to revive the whole silly plot again (yawn).

    Next week: Wedding bells. Week after: Brent comes back. Will Shatner be following? Ack!

  2. I keep getting this overused-cliche image of the thieves who sneak past the secirity guard who is too engrossed in the television to notice them carrying out carts and carts of expensive equipment. 😉

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