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EW on SF

Entertainment Weekly’s latest has another brief roundup of recent sf books reviewed by Noah Robischon. To wit:

  • TO THE STARS by L. Ron Hubbard
    • Grade: A-
    • Lowdown: Scientology founder Hubbard first published Stars in two 1950 issues of Astounding Science Fiction. Aside from [the main character’s ] old fashioned naïveté, the story is still pertinent today.
  • MARQUE AND REPRISAL by Elizabeth Moon
    • Grade: B
    • Lowdown: Moon resolves too many conflicts with tech shortcuts, but the intrigue-filled plot lends to a marque of distinction.
  • BANNER OF SOULS by Liz Williams
    • Grade: B+
    • Lowdown: Williams’ finely wrought, femme-powered battle deftly blends fantasy and sci-fi.
  • SAUCER: THE CONQUEST by Stephen Coonts
    • Grade: B+
    • Lowdown: Coonts crosses 1850s 1950s saucer kitsch with Bruckheimeresque dogfights to achieve a shallow but enjoyable liftoff.
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  1. 1850s saucer kitsch

    I think you mean 1950s. I thought the previous book was pretty good, but I’m a sucker for discovering-ancient-advanced-tech-stories.

  2. Whoops! Thanks, Papaya. Post updated.

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