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Forklift Safety Video

Ralmon sent me a link to a video on forklift safety.

It’s in German so give it 30 seconds or so to kick in.

Then it gets…interesting.

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15 Comments on Forklift Safety Video

  1. Singing – “He tried to kill me with a forklift!”

  2. I couldn’t get it to work at home, but I finally watched it at work, today. OMG, it’s LOL funny…

  3. Hilarious. Sick, but hilarious.

  4. 😉 fantsttic, i loved the carefree music in the background as people were getting slaughtered..and then they ride into the sunset followed by a severed arm moving by way of chainsaw!:-P

  5. Lhsmb05 // June 4, 2005 at 10:40 am //

    :)I thought this video was hillarious, the carefree music, people screaming when they get slaughtered, then in the end when Klaus gets his head chopped off. That was funny. great movie. Horrible quality, but overall funny.

  6. OH MY GOD! Talk about Germany’s Most Disturbing Home Videos!

  7. I’m looking for the video clip “Forklift Safty Video”.

    It’s running time is about 8 minutes. It’s spoken in German, and the main guy in it is refered to as “Dumb Klaus”.

    Anyone know where I can obtain it again !?


  8. Link fixed because it’s just too damn funny to lose track of.

  9. Is there nothing Google can’t do?

  10. This video is GRAPHIC, On the surface it is Bloody Terrible & shocking.

    However The producer saw the need for a medium that would shock those who live in La La land as forklift operators and those who work around forklifts (pedestrians).

    Some times we need to be made aware of the possibilities that can occur in a workplace.

    I am a Training Professional and as such I could use this tool in appropriate circumstances.

    It is indeed a pity that it is in German

    I would be very interested in aquiring an English version in electronic form.

    One thing that could improove on the presentation is advice to employers to train their people,- Accident Avoidance.

    Congratulations to the Author & Producers “Good Work”:-$

  11. karl ward // March 9, 2006 at 11:14 am //

    🙂 I think this video is great, our forklift instructor had a copy with english subtitle’s and managed to fit it into the training in the middle of all the rest of serious the safety videos

  12. thats the funniest thing i have seen all week!! thank you for making my week!!…lmao

  13. OMG…Wut did i juss see?…lol

  14. Have actually watched this vid on a fork lift course!!

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