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Guild Wars World Premiere Event

You can download the Guild Wars client software from here and kick the tires. The Beta starts next week, I think for those droolers that pre-ordered the game.

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  1. Funny, I was just playing this.

    It looks, visually, really good. It appears to be heavily combat oriented, a la City of Heroes. I played for about two hours and it was quite fun. Granted, you start out at lvl 15 with a bunch of skills so I don’t know about grinding to get there.

    I’ll probably play a bit more this weekend and see what its like…

  2. Hrm… I will download tonight maybe we can hook up and combat evil together 🙂

  3. is this a free game?

  4. It is free this weekend only. The closed beta starts next week to people who pre-ordered the game (me) and a friend.

  5. BTW – my character’s name is Sawkmoore Browne. I play in windowed mode, so the game is more or less always up.

  6. free this weekend, but i have to go to work… 🙁

  7. OMG, THIS GAME IS COOL! When is it coming out? Where do I buy it? Work? I’ll work from home!

  8. Look for Nluien Aquino – I am going to fire him up later…

  9. the game is very diablo-esque, which is a good thing. it’s improvements over diablo include:

    – far better looking

    – interesting mechanism for crafting weapons and armor (and you don’t need to spend any time crafting – you either find the stuff you need or buy it from a vendor and have a crafter build what you want)

    – the missions are varied, and really fun. you accept a mission, build a team and select the subset of your skills you want to use for that mission.

    – each party member has a resurrection signet that they can use once per mission on another team member

    – like diablo you can build a team from NPC’s, but there are 4 different NPC classes to choose from.

    – you can play windowed mode, so you can be doing other things while playing. this is the first game with a heavy-duty graphics engine that i can play effectively in a window.

    the game is, however, still just a combat game like CoH, so we’ll see how long the fun lasts.

    one thing that i think is cool is that everyone plays in the same game. there are separate servers, and when you go to a populated area (i.e. non-mission area) it randomly places you on a particular server. However, you are able to switch to a friend’s server at will.

    there’s PvP and guilds, but I’ve not checked either of those out. Austen and I have played through a couple missions.

    the penalty for dying in a mission is that your effectiveness goes down 15% temporarily each time you die. No losing XP or items, which is very cool. If you restart the mission, the penalty goes away.

    overall very nice so far. i’m in the beta, and so can keep playing after this weekend. i wonder how much time i’ll give it after EQ2 and HL2 come out?!

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