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Happy 30th Anniversary D&D

As previously posted, this year marks the 30th anniversary of Dungeons & Dragons. Saturday, October 16th is Worldwide D&D Game Day. News of this comes to me through CNN, who mentions the new book celebrating the past 30 years of D&D.

While cruising the Wizards website I perused the books section (not that I troll used bookstores looking for clearance copies of D&D books or anything) and found that they have an awesome site detailing much of the universe, including some cool artwork/wallpapers and book synopses. I particulary like the Forgotten Realms Novel guide, which I’ll turn to as soon as I get my semiannual jones for fantasy.

I wouldn’t mind hearing what others think of the D&D books. Which sub-series is better? Dungeons & Dragons? Dragonlance? Forgotten Realms? Where is a good place to start? What should a newbie reader avoid?

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  1. My opinion is to read books from the Forgotten Realms. This is where I like to do my reading. I have played games based in that world, and feel most comfortable reading stories from that world. Specifically, I really enjoyed the Icewind Dale trilogy. Its a fast read and is a pretty good set of books. I enjoy the characters that Salvatore created in that series although he gets a litttle odd in follow-on books that include the Spine of the World.

    Dragonlance is a world that has quite a bit of support as well, but I believe some folks do not enjoy Weis and Hickman. I have not read books from that series, but I have a couple of them on my shelves.

    I don’t believe any of the books are newbie unfriendly, but if your just starting – I suggest finding one of the early books in any of the series and starting there. The later novels do build on the universe and you might not understand how some characters fit in the mix.

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