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Its Your Last Chance!

Until 2007, to see atotal lunar eclipse!. Tonight!

This announcement brought to you so the unawares among us (you know who you are) get the message. The festivities start around 7pm CDT tonight, with the good stuff happening around 8:14 and 10:23 (totality, not to be confused with fatality) pm CDT.

Go forth and gaze! If it isnt cloudy….

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4 Comments on Its Your Last Chance!

  1. Lunar eclipse? Hey, if you don’t wanna see the moon, just wait til the morning! I totally missed it anyway, I was at work til almost 9PM.

  2. Mostly clouded out in NJ. Saw it until totality, then the clouds rolled in. Oh well, I did better than my friend at a star party about 30 miles north, they were clouded out from end to end.

  3. I was outside for about 10 minute or so around the totality time which was around 10:20 CDT… Which conviently enough is our timezone 🙂

  4. I saw bits and pieces over the course of a couple hours. Jarrod would keep looking through the blinds and wanting me to come look at how much Moon was left. He went to bed before totality.

    I went outside later for a longer look and what struck me was how much the sky glow has increased around here. It used to be that the glow was fairly close to the horizon. Now, with all the construction that’s occured, its much higher up. So high, in fact, that I could barely see Orion. I had to use averted vision to see his belt. Sirius had to compete with the sky glow to be seen. Its just ridiculous. I need to move to West Texas. Now that’s some serious sky.

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