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Kingdom of Loathing in CNet News

Dare you fight the possessed tomatoes?

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  1. Dude did you notice the most important part?

    Johnson said he’d like to make another game when “Kingdom of Loathing” runs its course. He’s working on a comic book and a card game based on the idea. But for now, he’s still working with his partner on developing new content for the current game, including the completion of the final Naughty Sorceress quest.

  2. Oh, and I removed the duplicate blog entry. For some reason this entry was listed twice, once with a category and once without.

  3. Dare you fight the possessed tomatoes?

    “It was like any other afternoon until the possessed can of tomatoes attacked. Luckily, a few good whacks with a saucepan quieted it right down, and the young sauceror was able to go on with his adventures in the “Kingdom

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