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REVIEW SUMMARY: Excellent thriller .


BRIEF SYNOPSIS: Two men awaken in a decrepit room to find themselves chained to the wall. Both have a hacksaw (which cuts through flesh but not the chain). One of the men has a bullet and instructions to kill the other man before time runs out. A dead body lies on the floor between them (just out of reach). In the dead man’s hand is a gun.


PROS: Great story that kept ratcheting up the tension to a thrilling ending that took me by surprise.

CONS: Sub-par acting from Glover, Elwes and Potter.

BOTTOM LINE: Serial killer film as graphic as Se7en and as tense as Hitchcock.

Given the situation at the start of the film (described in the Synopsis above) one could think of many directions the movie could go. It didn’t go in the direction that I’d anticipated, and the movie surprised me all the way through. The situation also makes you think about what you’d do. Would you saw yourself apart to save your life? Would you then kill another human being to save yourself? How about to save your family?

The serial killer, named jigsaw, has put other people in similar situations. While he doesn’t actually kill the victims himself, he puts each in situations that force them to kill or maim themselves, or others, in order to survive. The reason? Cut the guy some slack – he just wants people to appreciate their lives more.

Like a jigsaw puzzle, the movie will have you talking after its conclusion to try to see if all the pieces really fit together. Surprisingly, even though the movie went in a completely surprising direction, when we talked about it afterwards, the pieces DID fit together.

We wanted to see a scary movie on Halloween, and Saw fit the bill nicely.

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