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Omnibus Google?

Reading through my USA Today at a hotel in Boston, I noticed an article on Google. The article discusses how they have added support for searching books (publishers will send them a book, they’ll scan in the specified pages and make them searchable online) at

However, what caught my eye was the comment near the end that Google might be working on a browser to compete with Internet Explorer. Further searches (using an internet search engine – watch these things, they are going to be hot someday) turns up quite a set of discussion on the topic (most of it on blogs of course.) Interesting items are by Jason Kottke and Anil Dash and the NY Post.

I would personally love to see this. We need some competition in the browser space. I’ve mentioned before that IE is stagnant – let’s shake it up and get some innovation going in this space!

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  1. FireFox uber alles!

  2. Does this mean you won’t use a google browser, but instead be actively promoting FireFox? Sounds good – you’ll need to create a new firefox category then :).

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